Study Content Prepared by: Harjeet Kaur

Please download latest syllabus from website of your university for reference.

We are following Panjab University, Chandigarh (IN) syllabus format of M.Sc. Zoology.

How to use the following: You can simply click on the topic, automatically opening in new tab & study. Please note small topics are covered in single post.

  1. Introduction: Definition, subdivision & scope of ecology.
  2. Abiotic Factors: Temperature, light and soil as ecological factors.
  3. Principles of limiting factors: Liebig’s law of minimum, Shelfords law of tolerance and combined concept of limiting factor.
  4. Ecosystem: Definition, Components, food chain & food web, energy flow through ecosystem, ecological pyramids, major ecosytems of the world.
  5. Biogeochemical cycles: Definition, different types of gaseous and sedimentary biogeochemical cycles.
  6. Population: Characteristics.
  7. Biotic Community: Characteristics of biotic community, ecological niche.
  8. Ecological Succession: Definition, types of succession, xerarch & hydrarch concept of climax community, theories of succession.
  9. Ecological Adaptations: Desert, Aerial, Fusorial & Aquatic adaptations in animals.