Brown Algae


Systematic position Class- Phaeophyceae Order- Ectocarpales Family- Ectocarpaceae Genus – Ectocarpus Occurrence Plant body is cosmopolitan in distribution mainly in colder areas of temperate and polar region and along Atlantic coast About 16 species are reported in India. Majority of species are lithophytes (attached on rocks.) Some are marine algae few are fresh water forms. […]


Plant body is colonial, motile, non-motile, unbranched, filamentous immobile, multicellular and highly differentiated both externally and internally. It is characterised by the presence of golden brown xanthophylls pigment fucoxanthin which gives olive green color. Pigments lie in chromatophores. The reserve food is laminarin and mannitol. Laminarin is present in maximum quantity. The growth of plant […]

Order : Ectocarpales

Important Characteristics Plant body is branched, heterotrichous and filamentous and some are psedoparenchymatous. Plant body elongates by intercalary growth. In filamentous form the cells are arranged uniseriatly. Each cell contains chloroplast with pyrenoids. Reproduction take place both asexually and sexually.  Asexual reproduction take place by plurilocular sporangia. Sexual reproduction take place by isogamy and anisogamy, […]

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