Order : Ectocarpales

Important Characteristics

  • Plant body is branched, heterotrichous and filamentous and some are psedoparenchymatous.
  • Plant body elongates by intercalary growth.
  • In filamentous form the cells are arranged uniseriatly.
  • Each cell contains chloroplast with pyrenoids.
  • Reproduction take place both asexually and sexually. 
  • Asexual reproduction take place by plurilocular sporangia.
  • Sexual reproduction take place by isogamy and anisogamy, oogamy is absent.

Family : Ectocarpaceae

  1. Plant body is filamentous, heterotrichous, pseudoparenchymatous.
  2. Sexual reproduction is isogamous.
  3. Alternation of generation is isomorphic.

Example: Ectocarpus

Order : Ectocarpales
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