CAUSATIVE ORGANISM: Salmonella typhi (gram negative bacteria, a non- spore forming bacillus)

MODE OF INFECTION: Through direct contact, food, excreta from the carrier.

ORGANS INFECTED: Small Intestine & Colon.



  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Water stool
  • Persistence increase in Fever
  • Blood mixed with stool.
  • Enteric fever


  • Widal Test
  • It determines the Agglutins against the antigen. Usually positive in 2nd week of the disease.


  • Rest
  • Used of Antibiotics.


  • The HCl in stomach has the capacity to destroy salomnella that is ingested.
  • The intestine produces short chain Fatty Acid which kills salmonella.
  • A person suffering from Achlorhydria may suffer more often Typhoid.
  • Whenever there is reduced on intestinal flora and occurs due to taking of too much of Antibiotics, the person is more prone to Typhoid.
TYPHOID – Salmonella typhi Life Cycle

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