• Health can be defined in certain ways, but heath is sum total of physical, mental and social well being.
  •  Social + mental + physical = health
  • Mind plays a very important role as it influenced by neural system, endocrine & immune system. The immune system maintains our heath, thus directly or indirectly mind affects our mental health.
  • Heath can be maintained by…


  • Due to any reason when the organs of our body gets affected then we are not healthy, that means we are having disease.


  • They have the ability to produce Disease.
  • They have high rate of pathogenicity.


  • Organism that depends on other body for survival and nutrition is called pathogen.
  • Parasite depends upon an organism called as HOST Body.
  • The relationship between parasite and host is of AMMENSALISM TYPE.
  • When the parasite becomes Superior over the Host body, then the interaction between the parasite and host is called INFECTION.
  • Infection can occur through
    • Air
    • Water
    • Direct contact
    • Bite of insect
    • Contamination of materials and substances.
    • Example: Cholera caused by Vibrio cholera.

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