• Any object that is having the capability to do work possesses energy.
  • The energy possessed by a moving object is called Kinetic Energy.
  • The energy can be transferred from one form to another, i.e. an object S does the work on object K, if an object S which does the work looses energy and the object K on which the work is done said to posses the energy; and here in this case the energy has been transferred from object S to object K thus transfer of energy has taken place.
  • Faster the object, faster will be the kinetic energy.


Let us consider an object of mass m; moving with a uniform velocity u. when a constant force F is applied on the object m, it displaces itself by a distance s in the direction of force applied.

Force= F

Mass= m

Velocity= u

Distance= s


  • Used in windmills, when the wind hits the blades it results in Rotation and thus results in generation of electricity.
  • When running we posses kinetic energy.
  • A bullet fired from the gun is also an example of kinetic energy.

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