• Muscular tissue consists of elongated cells which are called MUSCLE FIBRES.
  • Muscles contain special Protein called contractile proteins.
  • The contractile proteins are Actin and Myosin.
  • The role of contractile protein is contraction and relaxation and thus helps in Movement.


  • They are voluntary in nature. I.e. they move according to our will. So also known as Voluntary Muscles.
  • They are attached to bones so they are called as Skeletal Muscles.
  • When viewed under Microscope, the Muscles shows Alternate light and dark bands and thus known as Striated Muscles.
    • Cells are long and cylindrical.
    • Unbranched.
    • Multinucleated.
  • Found in:
    • HANDS


  • They are involuntary in nature i.e. they do not work according to our will. So also known as involuntary muscles.
  • They do not have striations so they are called as Unstriated Muscles.
    • Cells are long with pointed ends.
    • Having single nucleus*
    • Iris of the eye
    • Bronchi (present in lungs)
    • Alimentary canal
    • Uterus.


  • Involuntary in nature
  • They have striations present on the muscles so called as striated muscles.
  • Presence of Intercalated disc*
  • Present in the heart.
  • Structure:
    • Long
    • Branched
    • Nucleated
    • Have intercalated disc.

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