• Bone is a connective tissue.
  • It forms the framework that supports the whole body.
  • It also anchors the different muscles and supports all the main organs of the body.
  • It is a strong and non-flexible tissue.
  • Matrix: hard matrix and is composed of calcium and phosphorus compounds.
  • It consists of  
    • Tendon
    • Ligament
    • Cartilage
    • Areolar
    • Adipose


  • Tendons connect muscles to bones.
  • Fibrous tissue with great strength but limited flexibility.
  • Made up of collagen (collagen is a type of protein).


  • Ligament connects bone to bone.
  • Elastic in nature i.e. are flexible in nature.
  • It has considerable strength.
  • Contains very little matrix.


  • Matrix: solid matrix, composed of proteins and sugars.
  • Present at the end of long bones and joints.
  • Have flexibility.
  • It smoothens bone surfaces.
  • Present in the trachea, larynx, nose, eyes, pinna of ear.


  • Loose connective tissue.
  • It is found between the skin and muscles.
  • It fills the space inside the organs.
  • Helps in repair of tissues.
  • Supports the entire internal organ.


  • Loose connective tissue.
  • Found below the skin and between internal organs.
  • The cells of this tissue are filled with fat globules.
  • Acts as insulator for the body, it means higher the adipose tissue less resistant to cold thus insulate the body
  • Adipose tissue helps to store energy in the form of fat.

Functions of bone as a connective tissue:

  • Helps in insulation
  • Helps in energy storing.
  • Helps in repair of tissues.
  • Give support.
  • Storing reserve fuel in the form of fats.

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