This series of study material is based on comparative study of vertebrates.

In order to learn thoroughly & clearly about vertebrates & comparative study of them, it is important to know the proper classification of Vertebrates.

Vertebrate Classification (From Domain till Class)

Basic aspects to be studied in comparative vertebrate anatomy are:
(a) Descriptive Morphology (Structures of vertebrates)
(b) Functional Morphology (Functional significance of the structures)

From long time, Comparative Anatomy has served as evidence for evolution.

Topics we will study in this series:
1) Skin & its Derivatives (Integumentary System)
2) Skeletal System
3) Muscular System
4) Coelom and Mesenteries
5) Digestive System
6) Respiratory System
7) Circulatory System
8) Nervous System
9) Sensory System
10) Excretory System
11) Reproductive System
12) Endocrine System

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